United Methodist Association of Preschools TN
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Membership Application

 (OFFICE USE: Date received:____________)
Tennessee Conference United Methodist Association of Preschools (TN-UMAP)       
To join Please print and complete this application, check the appropriate fee, and mail it along with your check in the correct amount; payable to TN UMAP.  Please earmark check for TN-UMAP Membership.
Mail to:
St. Mark's United Methodist Church
TN-UMAP Membership
1267 N. Rutherford Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Attn: UMAP 
Name of Preschool/Org. or Individual/Student: __________________________
TN State License number (if licensed agency):___________________________
Preschool/Org. Director or Contact Person: _____________________________
Position/Title: _____________________________________________________
Church/Institutional Affiliation: _______________________________________
If Individual Membership, relationship to/connectional interest
     with TN-UMAP: __________________________________________________
If a Student Membership, course of study: ______________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
City: ______________________ State: ___________ Zip: ______
Telephone: __________________________ Extension: ________
E-mail Address: ________________________________________
FAX Number: __________________________________________
Web Site: _____________________________________________
Annual Membership Fees (check designated line below and fill in date of application, check number, and membership year)
________ Organization Member: $100.00.  This fee includes spiritural support, newsletters, training, advice and guidance,
                              administrative assistance, discounts at TN-UMAP events, listing in membership directory and one vote
                              at annual meetings.   
________ Organization Associate Member: $100.00.  Non-licensed preschools.  This fee includes the same benefits as a member.
________ Individual Member: $25.00.  This fee includes same benefits as a member with the exception of voting rights at
                              annual meetings - no voting rights. 
________ Individual Student Member: $10.00.  This fee includes same benefits as a member with the exception of voting rights
                              at annual meetings - no voting rights.
Date of application: __________  Check #:_____________ 
Year of Membership:_______
Please share names and contact information for persons who are willing to serve on the TN-UMAP Board of Directors:
Please share names, contact information, and area of specific interest for persons who are willing to lead training workshops for TN-UMAP:____________________________________________________________________________
Thank you for your support.  For more information, call Lynne Paredes at (615) 542-8886 or you may contact her via email at lynneparedes@hotmail.com