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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Disaster - Talking to Young Children

How to talk to Young children about disaster and uncertainty in their lives.
The following information was shared with us from Melanie Gordon, GBOD Director of Younger Children's Ministries. 
A link that you may find helpful with children's response to disaster:  http://blogs.gbod.org/younger_children/2010/01/15/after-disaster-how-to-talk-to-our-children/
The article by Leanne Hadley is an amazing comfort!
Websites and Downloadable Resources:
Spiritual Care in Disaster Response
How can I expect my child to react to disaster?
Ten Ideas to Help Children Cope With Natural Disasters
Rev. Dr. Leanne Hensley Hadley offers advice on supporting your children following disasters
First Steps "Prayground" is a place where kids and adults alike can enjoy a growing number of online prayer tools
People You Can Contact for Support:
Leanne Hadley
First Steps Spirituality Center
Tonya Armstrong
Duke Divinity School
Books that can provide comfort for children in times of uncertainty:
Old Turtle by Douglas Wood
God's Paintbrush by Sandy Sasso
Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown