United Methodist Association of Preschools TN
Thursday, July 31, 2014

Registration Form for Classes

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UMAP TN Training Institute
Registration Form
Please contact Gayle Callis @ gcallis@me.com or call 615-826-0421 to schedule or register for any class.  Use this registration form to pay and list attending participants for UMAP Training Institute courses.  If you are registering for more than one training course, use a separate registration form per course.  Please make copies as needed.  The registration form and payment will be given to the trainer the day of the event.
A minimum fee for 5 participants per class (*10 for CPR/First Aid) is required with a maximum for CPR/First Aid of
20 participants.  Refunds will be considered on an individual basis.  Substitute participants are allowed.  Please notify Gayle Callis at 615-826-0421 regarding any changes in registration. 
If the training for which you are registering is not at your own facility, please MapQuest any directions needed for the event location.
Print this registration form.  Complete the registration form and make a check(s) for attending participants payable to TN UMAP.  The UMAP trainer will collect the registration form and check at the training event.
Class Title ______________________________________________________________________ 
Class Location _______________________________________________________
School Name ________________________________________________________
Name of Director/Contact Person _______________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________
Phone #___________________________   Email Address __________________________________
Emergency Contact and Phone # _______________________________________________________
______________UMAP member (school or individual)          ________________ Non-UMAP member
Sign in sheet will be provided for class roster.

                                                                                                            For Office use only
Date ______________________  
Registrants:     ___________ UMAP Members @ $8.00 ea =  _____________
                        ___________ Non Members @ $12.00 ea =   _____________
Enclosed Check # ____________                      Total            _____________Bottom of Form