UMAP is operated by a group of volunteers that believe in a faith based program of learning.  We are always looking for new members to join us and join our board.  If you would be interested in more information please contact one of our board members.

UMAP Board 2016

President: Lynne Paredes lynneparedes@hotmail.com 615-542-8886

Vice President: Bonnie Spear bonniespear@bellsouth.net 615-292-5443

Secretary: Sherrie Gilliam stmarkspreschool@mail.com 615-895-1803

Treasurer: Kathy Ennis Kathy.ennis207@gmail.com 615-269-5574

Training Coordinator: Gayle Callis  gcallis@me.com 615-826-0421

Child Care Ministries Conference: Gayle Callis  gcallis@me.com 615-826-0421

Public Policy Information: Bonnie Spear bonniespear@bellsouth.net 615-292-5443

Webmaster: Gavin Richardson  (add whatever contact info you want)

Members At Large:

Jim MacDonell macdonelljim@gmail.com 615-289-0849

Patti MacDonell macdonellpatti@gmail.com 615-289-0849

Jennifer Thorington jthorington@franklinfumc.org

Sissie Hargreaves shargreaves@bethlehemumc.com 615-591-0501

Brenda Kessell TNKessells@aol.com 615-482-0302

Nikki Lott anl9623@yahoo.com 615-495-4957

Dr. Vikki Williamson drwilliamson1244@me.com 931-650-0455

Gayle Callis
Upper Cumberland CCRR / Signal Centers
(615) 626-2407