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Meet state training requirements in the comfort of your own school. The state approved classes listed here are presented with a Christian aspect and are available to be scheduled in your facility.  We will make every effort to tailor our presentations to your needs.

Classes may be scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or evening during the week or weekend.  Our instructors will work with you to determine the best schedule.

A minimum payment for 5 participants is required per class.  CPR/First Aid may require a different minimum number of participatns with a maximum of 20 participants.  We encourage you to invite other faith-based schools’ staff in your area if you do not have enough for the minimum requirement in your own school.

UMAP member schools’ staff and individual members may register at a reduced rate.  The following fees apply to classes offered through the UMAP Training Institute only.

2 hour classes =     Member – $10 per person

                           Non-Member – $15 per person

*CPR/First Aid course fees are charged based on the contracted instructor’s fee.  UMAP member schools’ staff and individual members will be charged at a reduced rate.

* Refunds will be considered on an individual basis.  Substitute participants are allowed.  Contact Gayle Callis at 615-826-0421 regarding any changes in registration.

Ready to schedule a class at your facility????

 Contact Gayle Callis @ or 615-826-0421 if you are interested in scheduling a class at your facility.  When the date and times are confirmed you may then register participants in the following way:

Print the registration form on drop down menu under the Training tab on the menu at the top, fill it out, for those attending the training.  Make a check out to TN UMAP for the number of participants.  The trainer will collect the registration form and check at the training event.