UMAP TN invites you to become a member and actively participate in achieving the following goals:

Provide directors, teachers, and student members support, training, and opportunities for spiritual growth.
Help all children grow in God’s love through Jesus Christ.
Introduce all children to the Bible as God’s Word, teaching them to be Christ-like in all they do and say.
Increase the quality of education in the United Methodist Preschools/Weekday Ministry programs. 

UMAP TN Offers:

Training Events
Discounted Training Fees for Staff
Mentors for New Directors
Fostering of Covenant Relationships Between the Church and Early Childhood Program Ministries
Maintaining Cooperative Relations Among Our Members, and Other Christian schools, Educational Institutions, and State Agencies.
Advocating for Legislation that Protects Children and Develops High Standards for Quality Childcare Programs.
Professional and Spiritual Support.
Information and Networking.

*We Plan to Offer Retreats for Directors and Staff in the Future

If you have 15 or fewer staff including administrators, your membership fee is $50.  If your staff is over 15, your fee is $100.

To Join TN UMAP, please mail a completed application and the appropriate fee payable to:
TN UMAP and earmark the check for TN UMAP Membership. All memberships are to be renewed annually.  The membership application can be printed from this website and mailed to:

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
1267 N. Rutherford Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN. 37173

For more information, please contact Lynne Paredes at (615)542-8886 or via email at