All classes are designed to be two hours long with the exception of the CPR/First Aid. However, we will do our best to tailor your training to your specific needs and time frames.

CPR/First Aid

Minimum of ten people required for each course. (Cost may differ from other classes.) Teaches skills and procedures to administer CPR and first aid. Hands on experience and opportunity to practice skills. Certification cards issued at the completion of the class. Either CPR or First Aid or both are offered. Directors and teachers. 7 hours.

Ages and Stages/Child Growth and Development

Examination of how children grow and learn spiritually, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Developmental characteristics demonstrated by young children birth to 5 years and how this impacts learning as stated in the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards (TN-ELDS) Directors and teachers. 2 hours.

Behavior/Discipline Management in a Faith-Based Classroom

Strategies that will nurture and enhance the behavior of children. Introduce appropriate principles of behavior modification and ways to guide children’s behavior through effective organization of the environment. There will be a emphasis on God’s love and the concept that all children experience a “special need” at any given time. Directors and Teachers. 2 hours.

Child Abuse Detection, Reporting, and Safe Sanctuaries

Recognizing signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect. Reporting responsibilities and procedures. Information based upon TN state training and Safe Sanctuaries initiative of the United Methodist Church. Directors and Teachers. 2 hours.

Shared Ministry/Shared Space

Identifies problems. Presents communication techniques and actions for resolving a situation in a Christian context. Models for developing a covenant relationship between the church and the weekday ministry program. Directors and teachers. 2 hours.

Team Building

We will participate in activities that are fun and encourage teamwork. There will be an opportunity for discussion as we evaluate why it is important to be a team, one body in Christ, and how these activities promote that concept. We will experience that not only are all parts important, but we are better at what we do do when we work together as one body in unity for young children and their families in our weekday ministry program. Directors and teachers. 2 hours.

The Faith Based Classroom

Methods and techniques of designing a faith-based early childhood curriculum. Determine where to find available materials for guiding teacher in the improvement of curriculum, teaching practices, developing lesson plans, and setting up a faith based classroom. Directors and teachers. 2 hours.

Your Faith, Your Classroom

Identify spiritual gifts one possesses and how they are practiced. How do you intentionally incorporate Christian principles into your classroom? How do you share your faith with others? Explain how relationships bring about change. Why is it important to intentional about making a verbal, auditory, and/or visual connection between our actions. Teaching children in an age appropriate way, how God wants us to be in a relationship with Him and each other. Directors and Teachers. 2 hours.

Assign a current director as a mentor for new directors. The mentoring director will provide information, support, and prayer upon request for at least one school year. There is NO CHARGE for this service. If your would like to be assigned a mentor or are willing to serve as a mentor please contact Bonny Logan at (615)883-2853 or